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Westbury shootings push residents to plan massive march

A stay away strike called upon in Westbury

A stay away strike called upon in Westbury

People constantly live in fear, as gunshots at night have become a norm.

On Tuesday afternoon at about 5pm the streets of Tamboekie Court, in Westbury, in Johannesburg, were under fire as approximately five gunmen were engaged in a shootout in broad daylight, Westside Eldos reports.

This has now prompted a massive stay away protest scheduled for tomorrow by unknown organisers.

The local Sophiatown Police Station warrant officer Jerbes De Bruin said they have no knowledge of the protest.

“People have to apply for any protests, and this has not been done. As far as we are concerned the stay away is illegal,” said De Bruin.

Tamboekie Court, Percy Peffer and Florida Avenue have become the most notorious drug circles, where people constantly live in fear, as gunshots at night have become a norm.

The Citizen spoke to some residents who stated that most of the children were traumatised at these shootings and worse still, they now happened even at broad daylight.

“I found my 11-year-old daughter shaking in fear as she heard all the gun blaze around the corner. It has to stop now,” says a distraught parent.

The email of the protest reads: “Warning all people. There will be a stay away in Westbury and Newclare tomorrow the August 18, 2016. There will be no school and work people will not be allowed to go to work. People from other places, please avoid coming through Westbury or Newclare. We will strike for all the crime in our community and Sophiatown Police Station to close down. Genoeg is genoeg.”

Furthermore, the Democratic Alliance (DA) Gauteng Shadow MEC for Community Safety Kate Lorimer has responded to the recent shootings in the Westbury area.

She said residents of Westbury in Johannesburg could no longer tolerate yet another gunshot, shooting, killing or any unrest in the community.

“Westbury has become a warzone and year on year, residents mourn the loss of loved ones. Most recently a series of shootouts occurred in the community over the weekend,” Lorimer said.

Daily shootings have become the norm, and according to the latest crime statistics, 16 murders occurred and a further 86 attempted murders were reported at the Sophiatown police station for the year.

An astonishing number of drug-related crimes were committed during 2014/15, with a total of 1515 reported.

“Police in the community are not taking swift action, and residents have said that very little to no action is taken by the Sophiatown Police Station officers.

“I will write to the provincial police commissioner, Lieutenant-General D.S De Lange, to plead with them to put a specialised task team in place to monitor and preempt violence and drug-related crime in Westbury,” said Lorimer.

Lorimer also brought to attention that drug hot spots and corruption could also be the cause of the shootings.


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