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Parents speak out about student’s sudden death

Ettienne de Villiers and his parents. Photo: Facebook

Ettienne de Villiers and his parents. Photo: Facebook

An autopsy confirmed their son unexpectedly died of viral meningitis.

The parents of a teenage boy from Garsfontein, in Pretoria, who died of viral meningitis have spoken out about the tragedy.

Ettienne de Villiers, a 19-year-old BA management and development student at North West University, was found dead by a close childhood friend last Friday, Rekord East reported.

Ettienne and his friend Melt Hamman were supposed to attend a rag camp close to the campus.

Speaking to Rekord, Ettienne’s parents, Liz and Jean, said the two friends had made plans earlier in the day to drive together.

“When Ettienne did not show up at the time they agreed upon, Melt went looking for him in his room,” said Liz.

“He discovered my son lying on the bed and tried to wake him up.”

Liz said Hamman then told security to call an ambulance while he went back to Ettienne to try and help him, but it was too late.

“Melt called me and said Ettienne was not waking up. At the time everything was so confusing and Jean was attending work away from home. I didn’t know what to do.”

Paramedics declared Ettienne dead on the scene.

“An autopsy confirmed our son died of viral meningitis.”

Liz said her son had gone to the doctor for flu, which he received treatment for.

“It is suspected that his body could not fight the meningitis while it was weak from the flu at the same time.”

“He was a happy child. Our home was always filled with joy. He always had friends over.”

Jean said Ettienne loved having braais and socialising with his friends.

– Caxton News Service


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