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Live report: Our biggest problem is Zuma – Malema

The DA’s James Selfe says the parties will be keeping a ‘respectful distance’ from each other. Refresh the page for new updates.

1:43 The press briefing ends.

1:40 Malema says there are a lot of qualified people within the EFF. He says people should not undermine EFF leaders because they are black.

1:39 “We negotiated in good faith.”

1:28 “Mama Winnie remains the mother of the nation.” “We didn’t engage with her.”

1:27 He says Mbalula is hopeless because he can do everything for positions. He says Mbalula doesn’t know what he stands for.

1:26 He says Malusi can’t control his side-chicks. He says Malusi is a blesser with stolen money.

1:25 Malema says Malusi Gigaba is a lion without teeth.

1:24 Malema says the Mail&Guardian editor is “seriously challenged”.

1:21 The Guptas have a share in the nuclear which Malema says will cost the country more that 3 trillions rands.

1:15 “Tshwane DA mayoral candidate [Solly Msimang] is a genuine leader, he’s not like Mmusi who has accent for blacks and accent for whites,” says Malema.

1:15 Our biggest problem is Zuma in parliament. “When we see him, our blood boils.”

1:14 “We are dealing ideological issues, not positions.” He says they were shocked when Mantashe started talking about positions.

1:13 “Lecturers were advised not to supervise Floyd Shivambu on his masters’ degree.” He asked “where we the veterans when we all these things happened.”

1:12 “No one must treat us like kids. They never call us.”

1:11 “We have a long relationship with the veterans. They must not call us.”

1:10 Malema slams former Generations actress Khethiwe.

1:08 “ANC made drug addicted artists the face of their campaign.”

1:07 “Zuma stays in a municipality which is not ANC-controlled”.”

1:05 “We cannot go on re-elections.”

1:02 “We don’t suffer from uncontrollable ambition for power.”

12:56 “Every budget passed by this municipalities will have to come through us.”

12:54 “We are the biggest enemy of the ANC.” “The ANC killed our members.”

12:53 Malema says never trust ex-convicts.

12:52 “We will never go back to the ANC,” says Malema.

12:51 “We don’t want anything from the racist DA. We just had to choose a better devil” between the DA and ANC.

12:49 Malema slams ANC veterans, saying they must stop advising the EFF. Malema says if ANC members can’t listen to their veterans, and what makes the veterans to think the EFF will listen to them.

12:49 He says the ANC chose Zuma of the metros.

12:48 He says Danny Jordaan must face his charges with Fifa.

12:48 “Thoko Didiza, we will meet in parliament”

12:47 Malema says the ANC is arrogant. He says the EFF will deal with them.

12:44 “The DA is a better devil. The ANC is a protector of white capital.”

12:44 “The ANC will not get a vote from us.” “We will not compromise the brand EFF.”

12:43 Malema also slammed EFF members who want bring “ANC culture” of fighting for position in the EFF.

12:41 Malema says there could not go into coalition with the DA because of ideological differences.

12:40 Malema says although the DA was sympathetic of a matter of free education, they refused on “Die Stem” issue and the removal of Pretorius street in Pretoria.

12:39 Malema says EFF also talked to the “racist DA”, and couldn’t agree on nationalisation of mines owned by “white males”.

12:38 Malema say EFF could not go into coalition with ANC because it refused to remove Zuma, among other issues.

12: 37 We asked that there be an inquiry over the controversial Gupta family.

12:36 Malema says former finance minister Hlanhla Nene was fired for refusing to endorse the nuclear deal because Zuma is benefiting from it.

12:35 “We told the ANC to do away with the nuclear deal with the Russians”

12:33 The ANC said removing Zuma is “a no-no”. “We told the ANC we want to amend the constitution”.

12:32 The ANC said Die Stem could be removed easily.

12:31 The EFF also asked for President Jacob Zuma be recalled.

12:29 “We told the ANC we are prepared to work with them, provided the amend the constitution and expropriate land and nationalisation. They also asked for “Die Stem” to be removed from the national anthem.”

12:29 He says EFF met with Gwede Mantashe and other EFF leaders for the talks.

12:28 He say ANC’s Paul Mashatile called the EFF for coalition talks.

12:27 EFF leader Julius Malema is now addressing the media.

12:26 The press briefing is starting. EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi is introducing EFF leaders.

12:23 The EFF has set up a small white tent where the journalists will sit.

12:23 Journalists are still awaiting the EFF to make the announcement. At the moment, they are busy chatting and sharing laughter.

12:20 Media have set its cameras, showing the shanty shacks of Alexandra. This it looks like the EFF is trying to show that they are “a party for the poor”.

12:16 The EFF is still setting up in Alexandra where it will be making the announcement.

Ideological differences between the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Democratic Alliance (DA) stood in the way of both parties agreeing on a coalition in Johanesburg and Tshwane.

DA federal chairman James Selfe said coalitions could not happen with the radical EFF due to the persistent ideological differences between the two opposition parties. Read full story here

This has been a much anticipated announcement as Tshwane and Johannesburg residents want to know who will govern them.

The parties have been locked in meetings in a bid to forge a coalition following the recent local government elections. In several councils no majority was achieved by any party, resulting in hung councils.
See live stream of the announcement below.

The EFF held its central command meeting on Monday night to make a final decision on coalitions. The DA’s Johannesburg mayoral candidate, Herman Mashaba, told The Citizen yesterday he was in the dark about the coalition negotiations as it was handled on national level.

“Once the negotiations are announced, we will know where we stand. At this point, we are the second-biggest political party in the council.”

In Ekurhuleni, the ANC seems to have clinched a deal with the African Independent Congress and Patriotic Alliance.

When approached for comment yesterday, Ekurhuleni mayoral candidate and ANC regional chairperson Mzwandile Masina would only say negotiations were at a “sensitive level”.

Additional reporting by Ngwako Modjadji and Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni

See visual timeline of election announcement and the beginning of the coalition talks saga below
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