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Hofmeyr starting a party for the ‘Gawddamn Offended’

Steve Hofmeyr. Image courtesy:  Facebook

Steve Hofmeyr. Image courtesy: Facebook

The activist hinted that he’s starting a party. Let’s hope there will be free beer.

Controversial Afrikaans singer-activist Steve Hofmeyr has, in what appears to be a joke on Tuesday, hinted that he will be starting a party.

It’s not yet clear if he’s referring to an actual political party, or just a party, where he will be dancing his way towards a Wexit. On Twitter, the controversial musician hinted that he was planning to start a party in response to one of his followers saying “they never get to the voting stations”.

“I am starting a party of those Offended by those Offended by Gawddamn Anything,” he joked.

This was no doubt in reaction to the many times his utterances on social media have seen him landing in hot water, not to mention in court and out of pocket to the tune of millions. For those who struggle with double negatives, he meant that he finds people who find him offensive offensive.

The singer’s legion of fans have often asked him to get into politics, declaring they would happily vote for him. It could be fun – white people probably need their own version of Julius Malema or Andile Mngxitama.

At the time of the UK’s Brexit, Hofmeyr joked that SA’s Wexit was coming – the exit of the Western Cape province from South Africa. He tweeted: “Watch for Bexit contagion. Fexit, Nexit, Grexit, Swexit, Itexit and even Gexit. And Wexit (Western Cape!)”. To one of his followers, ulv løgner @Sinestra_Malum, who responded “@steve_hofmeyr if Wexit happens I’m there tomorrow.” Hofmeyr added: “Brexit did it. Brits leads the way to self-determination”.

In 2014,  Pick n Pay and Land Rover withdrew their sponsorships of the Afrikaans is Groot concerts due to the controversy around the singer, and this reportedly cost him about R5 million. This after he said black people had themselves to blame for being subjected to discrimination by the white government of the past and were therefore the real “architects of apartheid”.

But this seems to have done little harm to the singer’s pocket. After being dropped by Land Rover, Astra came to his rescue, gracing him with a new car that’s perhaps not quite as flashy as a Land Rover, but it can still do as much as a Land Rover on the road to his dream of an independent Western Cape.



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