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Vavi tells Tito Mboweni to stop ‘moaning’

Zwelinzima Vavi. Picture: Alaister Russell

Zwelinzima Vavi. Picture: Alaister Russell

The former Reserve Bank governor hinted he was considering resigning from politics, but Vavi advised him to mobilise instead.

Former labour federation Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has called on Tito Mboweni to stop moaning and rather “mobilise”. This after the former Reserve Bank governor took to Twitter to “moan” about how “we have thrown away our noble values” in reference to his organisation, the ANC.

It is not clear if Mboweni was referring to the party’s national executive committee’s decision not to discuss the possible removal of President Jacob Zuma as ANC president following the party’s poor performance during the local government elections – but it seems pretty clear that was a factor.

Vavi has spoken out critically against Zuma and his disaffection with the ANC and the tripartite alliance as a whole.

“How easily, within such a short space of time, we have thrown away our noble values. So sad. Very sad. I am considering retiring from politics,” Vavi wrote.

Mboweni, who was recently elected chairman of the Tourism Business Council of SA, also hinted about him wanting to resign from politics, although his role in politics has been severely diminished of late. He was not part of the ANC’s NEC discussions in Gauteng over the weekend.

“Ok, before we set the house on fire. I said that ‘I am considering retiring from politics’. I did not say that ‘I am retiring from politics,'” he later wrote on Twitter.

Just a week ago, Mboweni took to his Facebook page to congratulate the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for their performance in the local government elections.

Mboweni said the EFF was a party of squatter camps, the landless, and “some intellectuals”, and he meant all of that as a compliment.

Mboweni, a trained economist who says he believes the ANC has lost economic power due to the loss of some key metros, said the EFF had reminded the ruling party that “our people” still struggle today.

“About the local government elections. We all know the results by now. The fact is that the ANC emerged once again as the largest political organisation in South Africa, But that is not the issue. The ANC lost ‘control’ of about 85% of the municipal budget,” wrote Mboweni.

“The EFF is the party of the squatter camps/shanty towns, landless, and some intellectuals, unemployed and angry, sometimes unruly (but that is okay), and advocates. EFF was good at reminding us that our people struggle and toil every day.

“They did well. That’s the next contest for the ANC, not just for votes, but to attend to the developmental issues affecting the lives of our people. (The ANC should consider doing away with the faulty concept of delivery and embrace the globally and intellectually recognised notion of development).”



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