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Mom accuses daughter’s ‘murderer’ of talking nonsense

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

The trial of a man accused of killing his girlfriend at her Pretoria offices had to be adjourned after an emotional outburst in court.

The high court trial of a businessman accused of murdering his girlfriend at her office in Pretoria had to adjourn yesterday when the victim’s upset mother loudly shouted he was “talking nonsense”.
Rosalind Schreuder’s outburst came after her daughter Nicolene’s former boyfriend, Dawie Connoway, testified that
the shots that killed her had been fired accidentally while they were struggling for his firearm.
Schreuder burst into tears after shouting at Connoway, and Judge Vivian Tlhapi adjourned the proceedings so that the bereaved mother could calm down. Connoway earlier denied guilt to charges of murder and attempted murder, among other charges.
The 34-year-old Nicolene Schreuder had died in a pool of blood outside her office in Moreleta Park after being shot in the head, chest, back and hand. They had a four-year relationship and lived together for two years before she moved out a month before her death.
Her mother earlier testified that Nicolene had complained to her that Connoway had assaulted her and destroyed her possessions. In turn, Connoway testified that he had asked her to move out. On the day of the incident he went
to her office because she wanted to talk things over.
He said she had been upset about his plans to move away and tried to hug him, but he pushed her away. He was on his way out when he felt her grabbing his firearm. A shot went off and he managed to grab hold of the pistol, but she grabbed it [from him] again and further shots went off while they were struggling.
The trial continues.


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