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Lesbian pastor urges govt to protect LGBTI people more

Nonhlanhla Sidu. Mpumalanga News

Nonhlanhla Sidu. Mpumalanga News

The pastor says she is welcomed at work and church the way she is.

Mpumalanga pastor Nonhlanhla Sidu calls on government to fast-track processes to protect the rights of gays and lesbians from bullying and misdemeanours related to sexual orientation, Mpumalanga News reports.

“I think abuse against lesbians and gays must be taken seriously by the authorities so that communities treat us equally and know that they will be sentenced if they commit crimes against us,” she said.

She added that whether addressed as “bhuti, sisi, baba or mama”, she did not have a problem.

“It’s your choice at the end of the day, and that doesn’t worry me at all,” she added.

“I was not discriminated against because of my sexual orientation, both at work and in church. I am welcomed the way I am,” she said.

Sidu is a preacher of the word of God in her church. She says the church as the body of Christ must be a place that welcomes everyone irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation.

She was married to the father of her 16-year-old son who passed away years ago, then she married a woman, but got divorced. She is currently dating a woman again.

“I am not planning on getting married anytime soon, but I am looking forward to marrying again,” she said.

Side stands out in a crowd of church leaders who either prefer to be silent on the matter or open express hatred against gay, lesbian, transgender people and other sexual minorities.

In June, Lungi Magwaza, a well-known Imbokodo FM presenter and church pastor in Durban, was caught on tape chasing women of out of her church because they were lesbian, the Sowetan Live website reported.

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In a recorded sound clip posted on the website, the pastor told the women they deserved to burn in hell and that they were a disgrace before God.

She told them that according to the Bible they had to be stoned to death because they were an “abomination”, Sowetan reported.

SA businesses and gay rights groups were up in arms last month and determined to let a homophobic US pastor know he is not welcome in the country after he advocated for the execution of gay people.

When 49 LGBTI people were shot dead in the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida, last month, Pastor Steven L Anderson preached: “The good news is that there’s 50 less paedophiles in this world, because, you know, these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and paedophiles.”

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