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Two escaped lions captured near Pretoria

Stock image. Picture: Pretoria East Rekord

Stock image. Picture: Pretoria East Rekord

The lions killed two cattle, but they ate only bits and pieces of them.

Two young lions that escaped from Dinokeng Nature Reserve in Hamanskraal, Pretoria, last Wednesday have been captured.

The general manager of Dinokeng Nature Reserve, Piet Venter said they were relieved the two young lions, believed to be about 18 months old, have been captured, Rekord East reported.

They escaped into the Walmansthal military area, which, according to the reserve, is well-fenced.

“Luckily there was no cost to a human life. The lions killed two cattle, but they just ate bits and pieces of it,” added Venter.

Venter said the carcasses of the cattle helped them locate the lions.

“We moved the carcasses further away from where we found it and then built a hide there. At about 8pm last night the lions returned to the carcasses to eat. We were then able to dart them,”    Venter explained.

He said the reserve was still trying to figure out where the lions escaped from, as there were no signs along the fence.

Venter said they are putting up satellite trackers to monitor the movements of the lions, as they were likely to try and escape again.

“It is possible that the two young lions could have been chased away by the male leader of the pride, as this happens when younger lions in the pride approach adulthood.”

Venter said the Dinokeng Nature reserve has 207km of fence.

“We will do our best to avoid such incidents from re-occurring.”

This comes a day after a tiger was spotted roaming the streets in the east of Pretoria on Friday morning. It later emerged that the tiger came from The Farm Inn in Silverlakes.

The Farm Inn owner Pedro Michaletos said an investigation had been launched to ascertain how the tiger got out of its enclosure. The tiger was back in its enclosure at The Farm Inn, this is after workers darted the tiger and took it back safely.

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