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‘Poisoned son’ will now be exhumed by police

Joze and Anzelle Bardo hold up a picture of their three children. Their eldest, Shagan, was
alledgedly killed by his friends. Photo: Virginia Keppler

Joze and Anzelle Bardo hold up a picture of their three children. Their eldest, Shagan, was alledgedly killed by his friends. Photo: Virginia Keppler

A couple who buried their Grade 8 son after he was allegedly poisoned by his ‘friends’ had to beg police in Eersterust, Pretoria, to open a murder case.

Only after more than five trips to the Eersterust Police Station, two trips to the Central Police Station in Pretoria and a trip to the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court did the police finally open a case on recommendation by a prosecutor.

“They have finally started investigating my son’s murder. After the initial investigation they will get the necessary permission to dig up my son’s body so that an autopsy can be done. Finally, it looks like justice will be done,” said Anzelle Bardo, Shagan’s mother, with tears streaming down her face.

Shagan Bardo, 15, died a month ago. Some of his friends allegedly slipped poison in his cup of soup after a group of church people handed out a meal. His parents told The Citizen their son’s friends were allegedly jealous of his clothes and jewellery.

Shagan Bardo. Picture: Supplied

Shagan Bardo. Picture: Supplied

“We used to buy him something beautiful every month because he was a good boy and he loved school and was always willing to help out around the house,” Bardo said, sobbing. She said Shagan was playing soccer when his friends called him to come and have a cup of soup. They waited for him to finish his soup and then they ran away. On that evening of August 7, he started complaining of stomach pains.

“It was not so severe [at first] and we agreed that he would go to the doctor on the Monday. The doctor treated him for a sensitive stomach for three days and then he referred him to hospital,” Bardo said.

At the hospital, doctors told Shagan’s parents to pray because there was nothing they could do for him.

“His heart has swollen so big out of his chest, his kidneys failed and his lungs collapsed. The Friday night at 19:10 he suffered his seventh heart attack and died.”

The parents say it was only been after their son was already buried that one of Shagan’s friends came forward and confessed that Shagan had been poisoned. The friend said he was with two other boys when it happened.

The friend’s parents then approached the Bardo family and said they would assist the police in solving the case. But Shagan’s parents were met with obstruction at Eersterust Police Station, where they tried more than five times to have a case of murder opened.

“We finally went to Central Police Station in Pretoria. There, we were yet again shown away. Someone at the police station [then] told us to go to the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court, where we spoke to a senior prosecutor.

This prosecutor referred us back to Central Police Station and finally we could open a case.

“The case was transferred to Eersterust police and hopefully we will soon see results,” said Shagan’s father, Joze.

“They have taken a part of my heart. I want my boy back, I want my son back,” he said.

Police spokesperson Sam Shibambo confirmed police were conducting an inquest.

“After gathering the reports, we will exhume the body,” Shibambo said.


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