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Often post about your lover? You may have low self-esteem



Are you that friend who always post about their romantic partner on Facebook? Here is what a study says about you.

We all have at least one friend on Facebook who likes to update people about the ins and outs of their relationships, also those who like to write about their fitness routines and diets. While some of those posts help our Facebook stalking game easier, let’s admit it, some of them are just annoying.

According to a study, your friend who always talks about their romantic partner is more likely to have low self-esteem, while the one who posts about their fitness routines and accomplishments is typically a narcissist.

Psychologists at Brunel University London surveyed Facebook users to examine their personality traits and what influences their choice of the topics they choose to write about on social media.

Data collected from the 555 participants measured five personality traits; extroversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness. They also looked at self -esteem and narcissism.

These were the results:

  • Those who frequently post about their romantic partners have low-esteem.
  • People who post about their achievements are motivated by their need for attention and validation from their friends.
  • Narcissists write more status updates about their diet and exercise routine as a way of showing friends the effort they put into their physical appearance.
  • Extraversion was positively associated with updating more frequently about social activities and everyday life, and with using Facebook to communicate.
  • Openness was positively associated with updating about intellectual topics, and with using Facebook for information.
  • Agreeableness was not associated with updating more frequently about social activities, significant relationships, or with using Facebook to communicate.
  • Conscientiousness was associated with writing more frequent updates about one’s children.

Do you agree with the results?


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