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Prince Harry ‘pretty wild’ at SA cousin’s wedding

Prince Harry. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Prince Harry. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

A friend says the prince got ‘p**sed big time’ and smoked a lot in KZN this past weekend.

A family friend told UK tabloid The Sun that the 31-year-old prince went wild in South Africa the night before his cousin’s wedding in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands this past Friday.

The friend told the tabloid that the prince was “p**sed big time” and smoked a lot of cigarettes, and that at one stage he and friends playfully pinned down a younger cousin and stripped him naked, to the amusement of the other guests, who were also having themselves a “great time”.

On Saturday, Prince Harry’s first cousin, George McCorquodale, got married to Ladysmith local Bianca Moore.

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The wedding took place at the Netherwood Farm, a picturesque Angus stud farm in Nottingham Road in KwaZulu-Natal, on Saturday, August 6 at 3pm.

George McCorquodale is the son of Neil Edmund McCorquodale and Lady Sarah Spencer, elder sister to the late Princess Dianna. It is reported that Prince Harry and George grew up close together and share a close bond.


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