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Woman narrowly escapes from kidnappers

Man shot and injured at his home.

Man shot and injured at his home.

The woman was allegedly kidnapped after being lured from her place of work by one of her kidnappers.

A woman managed to escape after she was kidnapped on Main Street in Springs, Gauteng, on Sunday, Springs Advertiser reports.

She was at work at 6pm when a potential customer entered the shop and informed her that her uncle was in an accident across the road and she was needed at the accident scene.

Springs police spokesperson Captain Johannes Ramphora said with the permission of her boss the woman crossed the street, but was grabbed by the very same man who told her about the accident. She was allegedly pushed into a white van and noticed three more men inside.

“One of the men, who was armed, pointed his gun at her and ordered her not to scream, otherwise ‘we will kill you’,” said Ramphora.

The driver stopped the vehicle and opened the back door and, armed with a knife, ordered her to get out of the vehicle. Ramphora added the woman claimed it was when she got out of the vehicle that she noticed they were in an open field near the N17 hospital.

“When her cellphone rang, she answered it with her screams and when one of the kidnappers grabbed her phone, she managed to escape by running away,” added Ramphora.

The woman asked for help from people in the area.

“She says the kidnappers still have her cellphone, and she will be able to identify one of the kidnappers,” said Ramphora.

A kidnapping case was opened and the police were investigating the matter.

– Caxton News Service 


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