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Orton murder update: New sword murder case postponed

Mark Orton's supporters wore T-shirts that read 'Justice for Mark at the court.

Mark Orton's supporters wore T-shirts that read 'Justice for Mark at the court.

‘Justice for Mark’ T-shirts were worn by supporters of the family of the murdered man, Mark Orton.

The case of the 68-year-old suspect who allegedly murdered his daughter’s former neighbour with a sword last December has been postponed until August 17 in the Roodepoort Magistrates’ Court, Roodepoort Record reports.

The family and friends of the deceased, 43-year-old Mark Orton, were present in court yesterday wearing white T-shirts printed with a photo of the deceased and the words “Justice for Mark”.

His aunt, Joey Jacobs, told the Record the family is confident that justice will be served.

“We just want to thank the police and other parties involved in the prosecution of the suspect for their good work,” said Jacobs.

The court heard the opening arguments of both the defence and the prosecution.

Although the suspect was arrested on December 13, 2015, the court ordered his release because he was not properly Mirandised at the time of his arrest. He was rearrested on May 13, appeared in court on May 18 and was released on bail. When he appeared in court again on July 4, the case was postponed to August 10, pending DNA results.

Mark Orton’s family outside court.

Mark Orton’s family outside court.

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