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Fleeing robber commits suicide

Image courtesy of Stock.xchng

Image courtesy of Stock.xchng

The robber pulled out a pistol and shot himself when residents cornered him.

A would-be robber shot himself in the head when he was cornered by residents from the Amandasig Action Group (AAG) on Wednesday evening in Chantelle, in the north of Pretoria, Pretoria North Rekord reports.

The AAG’s operational manager for sector two in Akasia, Erich Landsberg, said three men broke into a house on Salie Street.

“Four suspects arrived in a charcoal grey BMW, and three of them entered the house while one remained in the vehicle.”

Landsberg said the owner of the house and his wife scared off the three intruders with a baseball bat.

“One of the suspects fired a shot at the house owner of the house but missed.”

He said the driver sped off, leaving his three accomplices behind. The three men left behind ran in different directions, and locals and members of the AAG gave chase. Landsberg said two of the fleeing men crossed Brits Road and entered a nearby smallholding.

“When one of the two men was cornered, he pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head,” said Landsberg. “The bullet he fired off is believed to have been a tracer and ignited the veld after exiting. Police found another tracer round and a crowbar on the scene.”

Tracer rounds were used to pinpoint a line of fire, Landsberg explained.

“They are made with a small pyrotechnic charge which ignites with the burning powder, burning brightly and making the projectile visible to the naked eye day and night.”

He said the second fleeing man jumped the fence at the smallholding and was cornered in Heinrich Avenue, where he was arrested.

“Police arrived swiftly on the scene and a police helicopter searched the area.”

It was believed that the third man would be waiting for his partners at a McDonalds in Karen Park.

“But he was nowhere to be seen. The only trace of him was his black top that was hidden in a public toilet,” said Landsberg.

He thanked AAG members and the police for their swift response.

– Caxton News Service


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