Digital Life 11.8.2016 01:35 pm

Shocking moment as lion attacks child on live TV

Photo: Screenshot

Photo: Screenshot

The mom seems to be in a state of shock as she plays tug of war with a lion.

This TV show could have ended in tragedy when a lion had a go at a little girl sitting on her mom’s lap.

The incident happened in Mexico. All the adults appeared to find it quite amusing, while the child was absolutely petrified.

The toddler can be heard making toddlery noises while sitting on her mother’s lap on the couch and then all of a sudden the lion gets up and grabs a mouthful of the little girl’s jeans.

The mom plays tug of war with the lion, and seems quite casual about it all, while the handler is trying to defuse the situation. They do things differently in Mexico, clearly.

Check out the video below.



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