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Robber shot in buttocks

The wounded young robber was treated on the scene.

The wounded young robber was treated on the scene.

The first robber fled with cash, while the second robber was accidentally shot in the buttocks during a struggle with a bakery truck crew.

A young robber was shot and wounded in the buttocks in Mamelodi on Tuesday, Pretoria East Rekord reports.

This happened after the 20-year-old man and his accomplice had robbed a bakery truck, said police spokesperson Captain Johannes Maheso.

The truck driver and his crew had stopped to buy food and as they returned two men armed with pistols attacked them. Maheso said one drove off in the truck while the driver and crew tried to fight off his partner. The first robber fled with an undisclosed amount of money after he jumped out of the moving truck.

“He fell on landing and lost the pistol, but got away.”

Maheso said in the scuffle between the crew and the second man ended when a gunshot went off, hitting the man in the buttocks.

“The crew disarmed him and called the police.”

Maheso said the man was taken to Mamelodi hospital under police guard.

Curious onlookers on the scene.

Curious onlookers on the scene.

– Caxton News Service


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