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‘Home buyer’ steals agent’s purse, goes shopping

Samantha Baldwin has opened a case of fraud after a woman stole her purse and went on a shopping spree.

Samantha Baldwin has opened a case of fraud after a woman stole her purse and went on a shopping spree.

The fake home buyer spent more than R5 900 at various shops within hours of allegedly stealing an estate agent’s purse in uMhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal.

A La Lucia estate agent in Durban is outraged after a woman allegedly posed as a potential home buyer, stole her purse, and then went on a shopping spree using the agent’s cards.

The alleged thief was captured on CCTV footage at three different outlets just hours after viewing the home in uMhlanga recently, Northglen News reported.

Estate agent Samantha Baldwin said the woman had allegedly spent more than R5 900 in the spree. Baldwin alleges that the woman bought R3 203 worth of items from Edgars at Gateway on credit, before filling her tank up at Caltex Gateway for R511.

The estate agent added the woman then went to Flanders Mall in Mt Edgecombe and bought R2 258 worth of items from Woolworths using store cards.

She then reported that her Chanel perfurme worth R2 500 was missing.  The veteran estate agent added that there was also an attempt to withdraw R2 000 from her bank account, but this failed.

“I was showing a home in uMhlanga when the woman showed up saying she was interested in the house. She told me a story of how her brother had died and they needed to find a home for herself and her sister-in-law. She got quite emotional and I felt so bad for her. I offered to make her a cup of coffee. She talked to me for an hour and even pretended she was going to find her husband who was in the area.

“I only realised my purse was missing when I received text messages saying I had spent R5 900 at three different outlets. I began to panic and that’s when I noticed my purse had been stolen. I’ve been an estate agent for 16 years and I’ve never had anything stolen from a home on show nor myself. I’m furious that someone has violated my personal belongings like this. After visiting all the stores, I saw my signature had been forged and CCTV footage shows someone pretending to be me at each store,” she said.

A case of fraud is under investigation.

– Caxton News Service



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