National 11.8.2016 11:06 am

SACP calls for ‘honest’ ANC poll assessment

SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande.

SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande.

The SACP said the core lesson that the ANC needed to take to heart was that its constituencies and historical support base had sent a powerful message.

The SA Communist Party (SACP) is calling for an honest assessment to be undertaken following the ANC’s dismal performance in the local government elections. The party said all leadership collectives, including all ANC provincial leaderships, needed to shoulder responsibility rather than pointing fingers at each other.

“To what extent have national errors affected local electoral behaviour?,” the SACP asked in a statement today. “Is it true that only a black urban intelligentsia is concerned about Nkandla? In answering these questions, once again we need to avoid sectarian positioning, either blindly supporting an individual, or, alternately imagining that the recall of this or that personality on its own will somehow solve all problems.

“The problems within the ANC in particular are systemic and find expression at all levels, as the horrific local level assassination of ANC and SACP leaders in the run-up to these elections underlines.”

The SACP was speaking after a meeting of its Political Bureau yesterday which it said it had devoted most of its attention to the municipal polls. It attributed the ANC’s losses in the polls to a “stay-away” factor.

“This was foreshadowed in the voter registration weekends in which the ANC was lacklustre in registering new voters and particular young voters,” the party said.

The SACP said the core lesson that the ANC in particular and its alliance partners in general needed to take to heart was that its constituencies and historical support base had sent a powerful message.

“The message is quite clear: ‘Don’t take us for granted.’ Don’t assume that your struggle credentials will forever act as an excuse for arrogance and predatory behaviour in the present.

“Don’t marginalise us while being preoccupied with your own internal factional battles, your list processes, your personality and money driven rivalries.

“Don’t impose unpopular and discredited candidates on us, based on factional calculations about next year’s ANC elective conference.”

The ANC is holding its national executive committee in Irene, Pretoria, this morning. The ruling party’s poor performance in the elections is likely to top the agenda at the meeting.  The four-day meeting is also expected to focus on coalition-forming. This comes amid reports that negotiations between the ANC and EFF have collapsed.


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