Editorials 11.8.2016 05:15 am

Stop the abuse of children’s rights

Vhudzani Secondary School in Vuwani. Picture: Steven Tau

Vhudzani Secondary School in Vuwani. Picture: Steven Tau

Vuwani is a blot on the conscience of this country.

It is scandalous that more than two decades after the dawn of democracy, which is anchored on human rights, children’s rights continue to be trampled on. A classic example of this sad state of affairs is Vuwani, Limpopo, where children are being barred from going to school by residents engaged in an anti-demarcation protest.

More than 20 schools in the area have been torched. As if that wasn’t enough, on Tuesday pupils who were preparing for the first day of school after three months of violent protests that kept them out of classrooms were disappointed to find out that another school, Mugoidwa Secondary, had been set on fire.

How, in a country whose constitution is admired globally for protecting human rights, can children’s rights be allowed to be violated on such a massive scale? Vuwani is certainly one of the embarrassing blots on SA’s human rights record.

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