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‘Scandal’ this week: Ndumiso crosses a line

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‘Scandal’ promises more drama this week, watch to find out.

Monday August 15

Dintle makes sure that she won’t be found out, and some ancient history is revealed. Zinzile receives a disturbing message from her family in KZN. Scelo gets a wake-up call and makes a decision about his future.

Tuesday August 16

Naledi’s suspicions are aroused and a letter supplies the answers she has been looking for. Zinzile is not happy to find a relative on her doorstep. Stokkies receives some worrying information and makes a partial confession.

Wednesday August 17

Naledi is suspicious of a relative’s motives, and Grace is curious about a visitor to her lover’s room. Zinzile proves to be less sympathetic than her husband when it comes to a member of her family. Stokkies gives up after a first attempt, but a friend is determined to help him out.

Thursday August 18

Yvonne finds her pleas falling on deaf ears, and Dintle is surprised to find out she has a new job. Lindiwe is saddened by a development at home. Stokkies finds himself in an extremely awkward situation and realises that someone has been interfering in his life.

Friday August 19

Yvonne is determined to interpret a small victory as a major one for herself, and Mangi spies an opportunity for advancement. Gonste arrives at a realisation and Ndumiso crosses a line. Gloria’s belief in herself and her abilities suffer a setback.


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