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Eight years behind bars for R40 and a cellphone

Eight years behind bars for R40 and a cell phone.

Eight years behind bars for R40 and a cell phone.

The armed robber threatened his two victims with a handgun and only got R40 in cash and a phone for his trouble.

Katlego Mabalane was found guilty of armed robbery in the Kagiso Regional Court late last month and was sentenced to eight years behind bars, Krugersdorp News reports.

The successful conviction follows after a complainant and his friend were robbed while walking along a passage in Phakama Street in Kagiso on July 17.

“Two unknown men appeared and approached them. One of the suspects drew a firearm and pointed at the complainant and his friend demanding cash,” Kagiso Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Solomon Sibiya explained.

The complainant handed over R40 when the suspect further demanded his Nike track top.

“They continued to search the two victims and also took a smart phone belonging to the complainant.”

The matter was reported to the Kagiso Police, who then searched and arrested the suspect for armed robbery.

Accused Katlego Mabalane was put on trial and found guilty of armed robbery on July 27.

He was then convicted and sentenced to an effective eight years imprisonment.

Due to the nature of his crime the accused was also declared unfit to possess a firearm.

“Excellent job by one of our detectives. This should send a strong message to all criminals out there that threatening people and robbing them of their personal belongings at gunpoint is seen as a serious threat to human life,” said Brigadier Ngubane, station commander of Kagiso Police.

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