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This is who you want the EFF to form a coalition with

FILE PICTURE:  People cast their vote. Picture: Michel Bega

FILE PICTURE: People cast their vote. Picture: Michel Bega

The ‘Citizen’ Facebook and Twitter users expressed their choices of whom they want the EFF to partner with after the DA and ANC failed to reach a majority in Tshwane and Joburg.

We asked whom you would like to see the EFF partner with to form a majority in Tshwane and Johannesburg, and you answered.

Avril Mngakana said neither of the two parties were worthy of the EFF’s valuable coalition.

“EFF will lose its radical brand if it goes into a coalition with either party, and will also lose its credibility, EFF is unique and must not allow itself to be diluted.”

Michael van Wyk was candid in his response, prompting the EFF to remember how it was manhandled and thrown out of parliament.

Lekubu Molepo, Forster Ngobeni, Dave Morogosi and Raboane Ntsimane believed the EFF should partner with the DA, with Jacqui Osz commenting that the “ANC have proven that they bulldoze lighter parties and EFF will merely become their puppet. DA has proven they don’t do anything for a vote…”

Barbra Borbosa opined the ANC was the EFF’s best bet.

Why shouldn’t the two biggest parties form coalitions – especially in Gauteng? ANC with the EFF will scare investors.”

Her sentiments were shared by Zelda Moumakoe and Raymond Ramodipa, while Junaid Tlaka said the municipal elecions should be held again.

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More comments from readers

Mandlenkosi Mbem: DA because we want to force them to give the land!
Manuela Simoes-Nogueira DA: Julius is not a stupid man. He knows how to use his head as opposed to his heart. Its a no brainer. Where have our loyalties left us with the ANC? Choosing new party to vote for after all these years.
Lekubu Molepo: I Go with DA, if EFF goes with ANC is the end of road for EFF, all members of ANC hate EFF…
Zakes IDelakufa Legodi: Any party that agrees to what the EFF proposes… Remember coalitions can be broken any time in a council
Matsimele Mello: No one. let’s accept a defeat.we are not desperate 4power.we are on our own & let them too.

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