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ANC doesn’t need Malema – Mcebo Dlamini

Mcebo Dlamini. (File Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Nelius Rademan)

Mcebo Dlamini. (File Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Nelius Rademan)

The die-hard ANC man says the ruling party would be better off waiting for elections to be held all over again later this year instead of going into coalitions.

Former Wits SRC president Mcebo Dlamini has slated calls by the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) Gauteng chairperson for Julius Malema to return to the ANC as “craziness”.

ANCYL chairperson Matome Chiloane called for the EFF leader to return to the ANC, saying they would welcome him gladly.

“It would be good if Malema comes back to the ANC. If he wants to come back, we will gladly accept him,” Chiloane said.

Malema was expelled as a member of the ANC in 2012 for bringing the ruling party into disrepute.

Hard-core ANC supporter Dlamini responded on Facebook that all those who wanted Malema to return to the ANC had a better choice and should just go and join the EFF.

“The least that the ANCYL GP would do is to call for a mass mobilization campaign to increase the membership base of the ANC in GP so we can influence 2017 Conference hayi lomsangano lo [it’s craziness],” wrote Dlamini.

“ANC does not need Julius, it needs to put its house in order, humble itself, start having leaders not popstars and celebrities busy showing off their wealth, give our people free quality education, give people the land, nationalize coal mines so government can supply Eskom. Those who want Julius must go to EFF.”

Dlamini also said “coalition is suicidal”, and that a “re-run” is much a better option. He was referring to the fact that the country would have to run elections again if the hung councils from last week’s election were unable to agree on coalition governments.

“Coalition is suicidal… a call for re-run is imminent. Lets go for a RE-RUN …..period”. This was also seconded by his Facebook ‘friend’ TJ Madihlaba, who said: “Cde Mcebo Freedom Dlamini a re-run would be the best route and I agree with Malema there, but because the DA know that it was a smash and grab for them, they wont agree..we know that they benefitted from a low voter turnout…a re-run will also benefit the EFF , but more the ANC they know that.”

Malema said during a press briefing that the EFF would not go into coalition with the “corrupt” ANC, and also not with the DA, which he claims aims to protect “white privilege”.

If this ends up being the case, then elections may indeed have to be run again for the first time in South African history.

Many have said that Dlamini’s views are more racially extreme than those of even the EFF. He became well-known for saying that he loved and admired Adolf Hitler because he starved white people.

He also said that he believed all white people had an element of Hitler in them.

He was relieved of his SRC duty in relation to an incident where Dlamini was alleged to have assaulted another student in 2014.


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