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Judges reduce sentence of rapist

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

The injured woman waited until they were gone before she went to seek help.

The life sentence of a man who took part in the violent rape of a young woman, who was repeatedly stabbed, pushed into a stream and left for dead, has been reduced to 15 years.

Two judges of the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria reduced the life sentence a Sebokeng magistrate had imposed on Bongani Radebe for the 2009 rape because of his youth, but confirmed Judges reduce sentence of rapist his 12-year term on the charge of attempted murder.

The rape victim, 22, was walking home alone, when Radebe and another man attacked her.

Both men then dragged the screaming woman into the bushes, where they took turns raping her. Radebe then suggested they kill the victim because she knew him. The other man then repeatedly stabbed her before pushing her into a nearby stream.

The injured woman waited until they were gone before she went to seek for help.

Radebe had claimed to have shared drinks with the victim before they had consensual sex at his place. He then claimed she disappeared while they were attending a party afterward, but his version was rejected.

Acting Judge S Makhubele referred to Radebe’s youth and said it was clear from the evidence that an unknown man, who was never apprehended, had been the main instigator of the crimes.


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