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Malema’s just jealous – Mabala Noise’s Reggie

Reggie Nkabinde speaking at his press conference. Picture: Twitter

Reggie Nkabinde speaking at his press conference. Picture: Twitter

The ANC Youth League treasurer-general says Nomvula Mokonyane is like his mother and he doesn’t even do business with government.

Mabala Noise owner and ANC Youth League treasurer-general Reggie Nkabinde has hit back at EFF leader Julius Malema, saying Malema is “jealous.”

Last week Malema accused Nkabinde and Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane of money laundering. Nkabinde said it was a lie that Mabala Noise was paying artists a R5 million signing fee.

“It is totally a lie,” Nkabinde told a media briefing in Sandton, Johannesburg, today.

“It suggests our artists are cheap and can sell their souls to companies for R5 million.”

Nkabinde said Malema did not believe in transformation.

“I thought a leader of the EFF would understand, that as he drives an African agenda. This (Mabala Noise) in the main must be among other African companies that must be supported,” Nkabinde said.

“We are not going to sit here and allow an African child who calls himself a leader in South Africa to keep reducing and insulting South African companies.

“That means that person is opposed to change. He has a problem with any brand that seeks to grow.”

Nkabinde said black-owned companies such as TS records, Kalawa Jazmee and 999 were also once insulted.

“Today it is Mabala Noise,” Nkabinde said.

“For us it is very clear; we are not distracted. “We are going to continue to pursue an agenda of the rise of an African child. What we have started we are not going to stop, because there is someone out there who views it differently.”

Nkabinde said they were consulting their legal team on their next move.

“Julius grew up in jail; he likes being in jail,” he said. “For me it won’t make any difference to take Julius to court. It is like a waste of time.”

Nkabinde said it was a security risk to tell people that he had bags full of money. He denied that Mabala Noise was doing any business with government. He said it was normal for political parties to book an artist to perform at a rally.

“There was a campaign at the University of Limpopo’s Turfloop campus. Julius paid Riky Rick cash to contest the SA Students’ Congress,” said Nkabinde. “No one accused him of channelling money from the EFF to artists.”

Nkabinde said there was huge difference between him and Malema.

“I have never lied [about the fact] since I have been a leader of the youth league that I am a businessman,” Nkabinde said. “I have never faked. It has always been an open secret that I am in business.”

Asked by The Citizen to explain his relationship with Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane, Nkabinde said: “My relationship with Mama Nomvula is a relationship of a mother and a son. Mama Nomvula and Serge Mokonyane (Nomvula’s husband) are my parents. It is something that I have not hidden.”

Nkabinde said Mabala Noise “is not even intending doing business with government.”



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