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Twitter having none of AKA’s ‘rape culture denialist’ tweets

FILE PICTURE: AKA performing. Photo: Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu

FILE PICTURE: AKA performing. Photo: Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu

Rapper AKA woke up to the top of the trends list, as #AKAIsOverParty produced more than 4 000 tweets by Sunday morning.

Not surprisingly, AKA was trending on Twitter after his slew of tweets slamming the women who held a silent rape protest drew scrutiny while President Jacob Zuma was speaking at the IEC election results centre in Pretoria last night.

The reaction to his views led to the creation of a  hashtag: #AKAIsOverParty. Hundreds of Twitter users joined in to express their opinions on AKA’s tweets, which included him defending Zuma and explaining he was never acquitted for the alleged rape of Khwezi and questioning the political motive of the young women who held placards with the words “one in three”, “khanga”, and “Khwezi”.

The response to AKA’s tweets ranged from people threatening to boycott his concerts and gigs to some tweeting images of his album in the trash.

@LeonMashitanga said the rapper’s statements had perpetuated rape culture as he seemed to be supporting men who had gotten away with the crime, and his sentiments were shared by Gareth Baele who said: “We need to protect our women. As a country. Rape culture in SA is absolutely appalling.”

On the power of social media and its impact on an artist’s public image – @SpeshZondo said: “Black twitter is too powerful. The #akaisoverparty can easily turn into reality” while @Chrisie_L tweeted: “After this whole drama he will expect us to vote for him for awards and complain when we don’t! He is always the victim!”. @Narrator1101 opined that local artists doubled up as political ploys, stating: “We have conceded that we have no artists in SA as they are ANC paid mouth pieces.”


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