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AKA slams silent rape protest, says it ‘has a political motive’

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

Voicing his outrage at the silent rape protest while Jacob Zuma was speaking, AKA has slammed the protestors for having a political motive and humiliating Zuma.

While Zuma addressed prominent guests and dignitaries at the IEC results centre in Pretoria this evening, the women who silently protested were causing a commotion on social media.

AKA, who visibly and vocally supports the ANC, tweeted that the incident was clearly a political motive meant to discredit Zuma. He started off his barrage of tweets questioning whether Russian president Vladimir Putin or American president Barack Obama would ever had to endure such a stunt.

The award-winning rapper then went on to state that there was a fine line between feminism and logic and called for such protests to be held in court. AKA’s rant didn’t end there, as he brought up the fact Zuma had been acquitted of the rape 10 years ago.

“Of course their are travesties of justice but come on … If a woman falsely accuses me of rape from henceforth I’ll be a rapist forever?” he asked rhetorically.

The artist’s tweets were retweeted hundreds of times and sparked a debate on if the silent rape protest was fair and justified.

At the 42:11 mark, the protestors can be seen holding their placards in front of Zuma. The video below will start at the appropriate point.

In response to his followers who didn’t agree with him, AKA tweeted: “Sorry, we can’t turn our country into a place where a man gets accused of rape, sees his day in court, beats it, and lives with it forever.”

He also made the point that South Africans should be against all women abusers and not just a select few. Citing Makhaya Ntini, who was accussed of rape, and Chris Brown, who was convicted of domestic violence, he added that he didn’t see anyone raising an issue with Brown’s recent performance in Durban.

See AKA’s full Twitter rant below


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