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Shivambu lays into ‘nyaope challenged’ Mbalula, AKA

Floyd Shivambu. File picture: Sabrina Dean/OFM

Floyd Shivambu. File picture: Sabrina Dean/OFM

The minister accused the EFF deputy president of being ‘personal when arguing a point’.

Minister of sport and recreation Fikile Mbalula has accused EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu of being “personal” when debating matters of politics.

This after Shivambu rebuked the minister for retweeting rapper AKA for saying the ANC is winning Johannesburg in the local government elections. “The campaign played its part in our victory in the JHB Metro. We did our bit …. As best as we know how,” said AKA.

Shivambu said: “So in AKA world, the ANC got victory in Joburg Metro, and retweets such? Nyaope is a big challenge”.

With 92% of Johannesburg counted so far, the ANC is leading with 42,69% votes against the DA and EFF, with the two parties getting 40,59% and 10,79%, respectively.

Mbalula threw a punch back at the “personal” EFF deputy president, asking him whether the ruling party had lost the highly contested Johannesburg. “We lost Joburg? Stop becoming personal all the time you argue your point.”

AKA also came out to declare that he “got paid”, and “why the f**k shouldn’t I get paid?”. This, although the rapper didn’t specify, seems to be in relation to EFF leader Julius Malema’s accusations that artists who campaigned for the ANC in the buildup to the 2016 local government elections were paid R5 million each.

The Composure hitmaker said: “Yes I got paid … Why the f**k SHOULDN’T I get paid? Give me one good reason ………. Just one”.

This got him a serious tongue lashing from his followers, with some saying the money could’ve been used better to improve the lives of the poor.

“Mabala Noise is used to steal money. Artists under Mabala Noise received R5 million. Mabala Noise is owned by Youth League TG. They used unconscious rappers who are committed to money. They used artists who are not like Hugh [Masekela] and Ma [Miriam] Makeba,” alleged Malema.

However, Durban’s popular music producer DJ Bongz, real name Bongani Dlamini, took to  Twitter on Friday night to hit back at  Malema.

The DJ said he was parking all he was doing to “address this nonsense just for clarity’s sake”, indicating that they would be suing Malema.

“Bull sh*t. Court papers are on the way!” DJ Bongz tweeted Malema directly.




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