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Woman kidnaps baby, hides drugs in nappy

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

‘I wanted the baby to be mine as during 2012 I had a premature baby and that baby died. Afterwards my womb was removed by the doctor,’ she said.

An alleged Nigerian drug dealer’s girlfriend on Friday admitted in the High Court in Pretoria that she had kidnapped a three-month-old baby and hid drugs in the baby’s nappy.

Judge Nomonde Mngqibisa-Thusi found Jabulile Masombuka, 25, guilty on charges of kidnapping and the illegal possession of the drug CAT after she admitted guilt to both charges.

She will be sentenced on Wednesday next week.

Her former boyfriend, Kingsley Nnadi, and Thapelo Mthapo, who both denied guilt to the kidnapping charge, will go on trial separately in October. Masombuka admitted that she, Mthapo and her friend Lucas, who has since died, had in January 2014 kidnapped a three-month-old baby girl by snatching her from her mother’s back.

She said in a statement Nnadi had told her they must kidnap a baby after she told him she could not have a another baby as her womb had been removed to avoid cancer. He gave R4 000 for the kidnapping.

She told her friend Lucas she wanted to adopt the baby, but he said the fastest way was to kidnap a baby and he would get his friend Mthapo to assist. She and Mthapo had waited in a car while Lucas followed the mother on foot. He grabbed the mother and tried to push her into the car, but she resisted. When the woman fell down, Lucas grabbed her baby and gave her to Masombuka before they sped off.

“I wanted the baby to be mine as during 2012 I had a premature baby and that baby died. Afterwards my womb was removed by the doctor. I can no longer have a baby at all. I took care of the baby, never hurt her, never denied her food and fed her with a bottle of milk daily,” she said.

According to Masombuka, her boyfriend, who sold drugs, had phoned her about a month later and told her to remove the drugs as he had heard that the police were going to search their house.

She tried to hide the drugs on the baby’s body, but was too late and the police saw when some of the drugs fell out. She was arrested on the spot.

Masombuka started sobbing when her advocate read out a letter in which Masombuka begged the baby’s mother for forgiveness and said she spent nights filled with remorse and regret about her actions.


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