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Twitter rips Zizi Kodwa apart for ‘voters endorsed us’ comment

Zizi Kodwa, ANC national spokesperson. File Picture: City Press/Dudu Zitha/Gallo Images

Zizi Kodwa, ANC national spokesperson. File Picture: City Press/Dudu Zitha/Gallo Images

The ANC spokesperson has been compared to Iraq’s Comical Ali after his latest bit of ‘spin if you don’t win’.

Comments made by ANC spokespeson Zizi Kodwa that the ANC was flourishing nationally and had secured 14 million votes pointed to the voters’ satisfaction with its service delivery were ridiculed on social media.

Kodwa seemed to be trying to spin his way out of his party’s dipping performance outcome in the national municipal elections by stating that they had garnered more votes since 2011 and this was an indicator that voters were content with the service delivery they were getting from the ANC government.

“As results continue to come in‚ ANC votes are expected to increase even further. They are a ringing endorsement of the ANC’s service delivery programme by the citizens of South Africa.

“These figures come at a time of intense speculation around voter apathy and citizens’ alleged lack of interest in political processes,” said Kodwa.

Listen to Kodwa’s full interview here


His statement to Radio 702 comes in the wake of the governing party losing control of the Nelson Mandela Bay metro to DA and sitting neck and neck with the DA in the Tshwane and Johannesburg municipalities. In addition, the official opposition has once again clinched most of the wards in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Twitter user @sgadla_iii said Kodwa was delusional and clearly did not want to focus on the implication of the power shift in major metros while @maphuti said Kodwa reminded him of Comical Ali (Iraqi spin doctor Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, best known for his grandiose and grossly unrealistic propaganda broadcasts before and during the Iraq war, extolling the invincibility of the Iraqi Army and the permanence of Saddam Hussein’s rule).

“The interview with Zizi Kodwa reminded me of comical Allie [sic] confirming Iraq strength while Iraq was falling apart around him,” he tweeted.

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