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Dog recovering after poisoned by ‘burglars’

Jessie the dog.

Jessie the dog.

Fortunately, the poison could be worked out of her system.

Jessie, the dog who was reportedly poisoned, is now recovering at Witbank Veterinary Hospital in Mpumalanga.

Burglars will use any means to get into your house, meaning that not even your pets are safe.
Two dog poisonings took place in Jackaroo last Thursday, Witbank News reported.

A resident of the Jackaroo area, Corne Ackron, said : “I came home from work to find Jessie poisoned. She was foaming at the mouth and her body was going into spasm.”

He immediately rushed her to the nearest vet.

Fortunately for Jessie the poison could be worked out of her system and she is well on her way to recovery at Witbank Veterinary Hospital.

“She is still at the vet and currently on a drip,” said Ackron.

Ackron added that he took a walk around his yard and found where Jessie the pit-bull had vomited.

He inspected the vomit to find polony strips laced with Timik (2-step) poison. He also spoke to his neighbours that live behind them and they said that their three Jack Russels had also been poisoned – unfortunately their dogs didn’t survive the ordeal.

Their home had also been burgled that Thursday.

“It’s a pity these people don’t have a regard for life,” said Ackron.

“Jesse is well on her way to recovery and in good hands,” said Dr Jacqui Hooton, Witbank Veterinary Hospital.

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