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Shivambu denies ‘Gupta agent’ an interview

Floyd Shivambu. (File Photo by Gallo Images / The Times / Moeletsi Mabe)

Floyd Shivambu. (File Photo by Gallo Images / The Times / Moeletsi Mabe)

The journalist said the EFF deputy president had no right to ‘say that’ to her.

Deputy president of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Floyd Shivambu denied an interview to ANN7 journalist Kalden Lachungpa at the IEC results centre in Tshwane.

Shivambu said he would not give an interview to a “Gupta agent”. Lachungpa seemed offended by the politician’s comment. She told him he didn’t have a right to call her that.

“You are not a journalist, you are a Gupta agent,” said Shivambu with a smile on his face. When she told him he had no right to say that, he said “I’ve got a right to do that … you are an agent of Guptas … let me do an interview with people who are media, not you.”

EFF leader Julius Malema banned “Gupta media” at all the party’s events in April this year.

“The Gupta media is a propaganda machinery for the corrupt cartel and we are not saying this because they wrote or reported bad things about us, because all of you (referring to other media houses), have written bad things about us and you are still welcome here, but propagandists of corruption, protectors of corruption, will not be tolerated,” said Malema.

“Our sisters, brothers in the Gupta firms, we love you so much and we don’t want you to be casualities…this is not for you, Suka Endleleni (move out of the way); we are going for the enemy now and we cannot guarantee the safety of those who are working for the Guptas, because we cannot have a situation where we are controlled by a family,” added Malema.

The EFF made headlines when they called for the fall of the controversial Gupta family. The party and some ANC ministers alleged the controversial family took part in the appointment of some top government ministers. This is because the family has such a close relationship with President Jacob Zuma and has done numerous deals with his son Duduzane.



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