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Man in court for ‘abducting child bride’

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied

It seems the man accused of human trafficking knew the victim’s family, as they both were from Kiriman, in Mozambique.

A 44-year-old man accused of trafficking a 14-year-old Mozambican girl for sexual purposes is out on bail of R1 000, Witbank News reports.

Luxino Paulo Hansasella, a Mozambican citizen, appeared in the Boschfontein Magistrates’ Court, in Mpumalanga, last Thursday on charges of human trafficking, kidnapping and statutory rape.

According to National Prosecuting Authority regional communications officer Monica Nyuswa, police received information from an anonymous caller that the accused had been residing with the minor as his wife.

“The police then arrested him on April 6, and the young girl has been taken to a place of safety,” she said. She added the accused smuggled the child into the country illegally. “It seems he knew the victim’s family, as they both were from Kiriman, in Mozambique,” Nyuswa said.

The new Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act, which came into effect on August 9 last year, provides for a maximum penalty of R100 million or life imprisonment or both, in the case of a conviction for trafficking in persons. Compensation is furthermore payable by the perpetrators to their victims.

The new legislation also creates offences such as debt bondage; possessing, destroying or tampering with travel documents; and using the services of victims of trafficking, all of which contribute to innocent persons becoming victims of this modern-day form of slavery.

The matter was postponed to August 25 for further investigation.

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