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KZN voter turnout increases 6%

Picture: Michel Bega

Picture: Michel Bega

KZN chief electoral officer Mawethu Mosery speaking shortly before midday on Friday, said 92% of the province’s results have been confirmed.

Voter turnout in KwaZulu-Natal increased by an estimated 6% in the 2016 Local Government Elections over the previous election in 2011.

Mawethu Mosery, chief electoral officer for the province, speaking shortly before midday on Friday, said that with 92% of the province’s results confirmed, it could be said that roughly 3 million of its 5.4 million registered voters cast their ballots on Wednesday. This, he said, was an increase of 6% in voter turnout over the 2011 Local Government Elections.

He said that preliminary figures showed that 0.54 votes were spoilt votes.

Mosery expected all results for the province to be in by mid Friday afternoon. Referring to violence during and after the election process, he said that police had their hands busy keeping an eye on celebrations.

“There are a number of impromptu celebrations that have to be policed,” he said.

One official of the Electoral Commission of South Africa was injured when she went to Durban’s Lamontville area to investigate a complaint over discarded ballot boxes.

“A missile was thrown at her. She is at home recovering ,” said Mosery.

It had been determined that the boxes that were found had been discarded by the IEC after counting and handed over for recycling.

He said police were investigating the incident where the official was injured. He could not give clarity on what had been thrown at the official, but said she had been accompanied by police when the incident happened.

“An independent was contesting the ward. Obviously they were not taking the news well that their candidate had lost,” he said. – African News Agency (ANA)


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