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New ‘Top Billing’ host Somizi ‘Jonavan van Ah’ Mhlongo

Choreographer Somizi Mhlongo. Photo: Gallo Images / Sowetan / Bafana Mahlangu

Choreographer Somizi Mhlongo. Photo: Gallo Images / Sowetan / Bafana Mahlangu

Somizi never disappoints with Instagram videos, and this time he transformed himself into a fictional presenter.

Don’t we all wish it could be election time forever? Mzansi surely knows how to create drama on social media. Our celebrities and Twitter alike have been on fire with hashtags trending for most of the week, but the hashtag #IfDaWins takes the trophy. The hashtag started trending on Thursday when the Twitterverse decided to explore the changes a DA-led administration would bring, with most of them hilarious.

Things took a serious turn when Ntsiki Mazwai said she was afraid of a white-led administration because the “DA will do away with BEE and land distribution… where will that leave blacks?”

She further lashed out at blacks who voted for the DA, asking them if they understood the implications of doing away with BEE, “which was set to recover our economy”.

Somizi Mhlongo, however, took the hashtag a step further and showed us how the election results would affect the SABC 3 lifestyle show Top Billing, introducing a new presenter, one Jonavan van Ah.

In a video Somizi posted on Instagram, he can be seen walking down the stairs, introducing himself as Jonavan van Ah and showing viewers the house, just the way it’s really done on the show.

Somizi, rocking a brown wig and drawn-on black eyebrows, however, replaces the language with Afrikaans and says a lot of stuff only he could translate.

Watch video below:

Here are some of the funniest #IfDAWins tweets:



On Wednesday, Somizi took time to post yet another encouraging message on Instagram. In the wake of the blesser-blessee lifestyle furore that seems to be slipping out of people’s minds, Somizi thought he should share his idea of how he thinks the trend could be done away with once and for all. “Be yo child’s blesser. No matter how small or big the blessing is. Just bless them,” he wrote on Instagram, along with a picture of a card he bought for his only daughter, Bahumi.




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