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KZN bridge crash bus driver’s licence ‘not valid’

The crash scene. Photo: South Coast Sun

The crash scene. Photo: South Coast Sun

The bus driver that crashed into a BMW at the Toti River bridge had code C1 license, which was apparently not valid.

A bus that careened into a BMW at the treacherous Toti River bridge bend in KwaZulu-Natal this morning was allegedly driven by a driver whose licence has been called into question.

The South Coast Sun reporter at the scene of this morning’s crash heard the bus driver being questioned about the validity of his driver’s license – specifically whether the code was valid for the double axle passenger bus he was driving.

The driver of a BMW which was pushed through the railing and came to a rest perched precariously on the northern bank of the river was hospitalised along with a bus passenger. Both sustained moderate injuries, according to Netcare 911 paramedics who assessed and transported them to hospital.

When the bus driver’s license was checked by authorities at the scene, they were heard saying that he had a code C1 license, which was apparently not valid for the size and weight of the bus he was driving at the time.

The bus, travelling southbound, struck the car at the bottom of the hill on a treacherous bend where vehicles travelling south come off the Toti River bridge. The impact sent the BMW through the lightweight aluminium railing. “It was fortunate that the driver was at a point where her vehicle came to rest on the northern river bank and not over the river itself,” said Netcare 911 spokesperson Chris Botha. “It could have been a lot worse had this happened.”

Two tow trucks were used to extricate the wreck of the BMW from the ditch where it was wedged between the bank and the road.

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