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ANC keeps (light) grip on EFF’s heartland

Picture: IEC website

Picture: IEC website

With 84% of the vote counted in the North West municipality, the EFF appears to be keeping the ruling party below the critical 51% mark overall.

The African National Congress (ANC) has maintained its lead in the fiercely contested Rustenburg Local Municipality in the North West province.

On Friday morning, as local government election results continued to trickle in, the ANC led with 47.58% of the vote, followed by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) with 25.42%, while the Democratic Alliance stood at 18.2%. The ANC had already won 19 seats, the DA four seats and the EFF two seats.

The EFF was projected to win Ward 28 in Lethabong, where the party was leading with 47.87%, and the ANC second with 43.82% and the Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) a distant third with 3.07%. The Barelwanedi Primary School voting station results were still outstanding.

According to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) website, the EFF won 53.12% at the Noka ya Lerato Primary School voting station, the ANC was second with 37.63% and the DA third with 3.59%. At Ruskraal Primary School station, the ANC received 56.03%, the EFF 37.49% and the F4SD 2.93%, in Ward 28.

The ANC leads with 67.63% in Ward 27, also in Lethabong, the EFF was second with 22.81% and F4SD third with 3.76%. The results from the Uncle Frank Pre School voting station were still outstanding.

In Marikana, the EFF was leading Ward 32 of the Rustenburg Local Municipality with 42.79 percent, followed by the ANC with 36.69%, while third was the DA with 14.51%. The results from Marikana Primary School and Wagkraal Farm voting stations were still outstanding at 5am.

The EFF also won Ward 26 of the Madibeng Local Municipality in Wonderkop near Marikana and the ANC retained Ward 32 of Madibeng, also in Wonderkop.

The ANC won 24 seats in Madibeng, the DA two seats and the EFF one.

Overall, the ANC was still leading in North West with 60.23% and in control of 10 municipalities, the EFF was second with 15.45% and the DA third with 14.08%.

– African News Agency (ANA)


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