National 5.8.2016 06:32 am

DA takes lead in Tshwane, Joburg still close

The DA has all but won in the Bay, with a reduced lead, but in Gauteng little is yet completely clear.

In Tshwane, the tennis match of who is leading continued by 6.30am on Friday, with the DA pulling ahead by just more than 1.5% with about a third of the vote left to declare.

The Democratic Alliance’s lead in Nelson Mandela Bay had dropped to well below 50% overnight, with only 2% of the vote left to declare.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 6.19.54 AM

Picture: IEC

In Johannesburg, however, with a similar amount of the vote (30%) still to declare the battle between DA and ANC, it was as it had been from the start: neck and neck. However, the ANC was still feeling confident with data from traditional ANC stronghold Soweto still to be reflected.

Picture: IEC

Picture: IEC


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