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Good luck, Vusi – white DA supporter to Mmusi Maimane

A screengrab of the tweets.

A screengrab of the tweets.

The supporter seemed to be sure about which party would get his vote, only that he got his leader’s name wrong.

South African Twitter has recently been lit, with hashtags #IfDAWins #Asinavalo trending for most of the day.

While #Asinavalo was started by ANC supporters who were campaigning for the ruling party, #IfDAWins was started by those who were against a “white administration-led” government.

Despite the negative tweets about the DA trending, the party’s leader, Mmusi Maimane, also took to Twitter to encourage South Africans to “vote for change”, a comment that received positive feedback from one of the party’s supporters with the Twitter name pastor777.pr@gmail.c.

The user, with a profile picture of a white adult male, wished the DA leader luck and told him the party had his vote, only that he referred to Mmusi as “Vusi”.

It’s of course not clear if this is a real supporter or just a gag account.

A screengrab of the tweet has been doing the rounds on Twitter. One Twitter user who shared it laughed at the response, tweeting at Maimane and telling him it was not too late for him to join the ANC as his “own people” didn’t know who he was.

Earlier in the day, Poet Ntsiki Mazwai criticised black people who had voted for the DA, proposing Twitter start a support group for all the black DA members “for when they realise that giving your vote back to white people is not the answer”.

Responding to a fan, she said she was afraid of a white-led administration because the “DA will do away with BEE and land distribution…..where will that leave blacks?”

“They wanna take selfies where they are hugging white people……they wanna feel better about themselves. PROVE that they are not monkeys. I find it amazing that you think 500yrs of damage can be fixed in 20years….absolutely amazingly ignorant. Sad that you’re willing to vote for whites over eff…..so deep! Self esteem issues on fleek.

Ntsiki, however, said she did not have a problem with white people being in South Africa, she only had a problem with “them” wanting to govern a black majority “because white supremacy will only lead to a new apartheid….stay woke!!”



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