National 5.8.2016 05:01 am

Reduce water consumption or pay more

Picture: Alaister Russell

Picture: Alaister Russell

A City of Joburg spokesperson said the restrictions were an attempt to ensure that South Africans did not waste water.

The City of Johannesburg warned that residents who used more water during water restrictions would pay more. Both the local municipality and City of Johannesburg have restricted water to levels which encourage residents to use less water.

City spokesperson Kgamanyane Maphologela said the restrictions were an attempt to ensure that South Africans did not waste water. The city urged its customers to reduce their water consumption to avoid level 2 restrictions, where a water restriction tariff to those who had higher water usage would be applied.

Maphologela added that in the event where a level 2 water restriction implementation was done, the city would apply the water restriction tariff on a rising scale, starting with users using more than 20 kilolitres to those using more than 40 kilolitres per month, with the cost increasing as the usage increased. He said an average household water usage was around 30 kilolitres.

“The message is that those who use more water would pay more, therefore we urge customers to exercise water-saving tips.”

He said those customers who were consuming less and practising water-saving tips would not be affected, as every household also qualified for 6 kilolitres of free water per month, which would be taken into account for all domestic customers.

When drought was declared in the country in November 2015, the city said it was taking into consideration that this was a water-scarce country and the persisting lower-than-normal rainfall since the beginning of last year. It decided to apply water-restriction tariffs to domestic customers as of August 1, 2016. Maphologela said we had to find ways to introduce measures to control consumption.



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