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SA has kicked ANC where it hurts most – Ntsiki Mazwai

Poet and activist Ntsiki Mazwai. Picture: Refilwe Modise

Poet and activist Ntsiki Mazwai. Picture: Refilwe Modise

The poet is not happy with blacks who voted for the DA, claiming they ‘don’t know’ the implications of a white-led administration.

Celebrities have been vocal about which political party they were voting for, with Ntsiki Mazwai having strongly discouraged her fans from placing their cross next to the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Though the poet says the ANC government is much better than the past white government, she says the party has, nevertheless messed up, and is losing votes as a result.

“South Africa has kicked anc where it hurts most…….in the votes. Nobody saw it coming that fateful day of Madiba’s memorial when SA just decided to BOO…..just like that…no rehearsal, no memo…BOO,” she says.

The problem with the ruling party, Ntsiki says, is that when the relevant voices speak out, they attack them. “Look now, you gave DA power.” She says the ANC should have dealt with its issues instead of using celebrities for campaigning, a move that did not seem to work for them because they could not be taken seriously as a result. Celebrities are not politicians, even though many politicians seem to think they are celebrities.

“On the issue of ANC and celebrities……that move by mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela with AKA was an off put….he is not a good role model,” she says.

Though she has been criticising the ruling (and, perhaps in some places, formerly ruling) party’s campaigning tactics, Ntsiki is not relishing the idea of a DA win. Responding to a fan, she said she was afraid of a white-led administration because the “DA will do away with BEE and land distribution…..where will that leave blacks?”

She further lashed out at blacks who voted for the DA, asking them if they understood the implications of doing away with BEE, “which was set to recover our economy”.

“They wanna take selfies where they are hugging white people……they wanna feel better about themselves. PROVE that they are not monkeys. I find it amazing that you think 500yrs of damage can be fixed in 20years….absolutely amazingly ignorant. Sad that you’re willing to vote for whites over eff… deep! Self esteem issues on fleek.

“DA must remain a party that is the voice of the white ppl in our democracy..let us not fool ourselves and think white people know our struggle. You think white DA members are gonna say ‘here, have your land back’ OR ‘finally we have numbers! lets change this constitution to suit us?’ The power of the DA lies in the fact that it controls corporate South Africa…..Corporte SA will not hand over our mines, lands and economy,” she says.

Ntsiki, however, says she does not have a problem with white people being in South Africa, she only has a problem with “them” wanting to govern a black majority “because white supremacy will only lead to a new apartheid….stay woke!!”


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