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DA retains and wins wards in Durban north

The DA has secured a majority in five wards in the north of Durban.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) have won Wards 34, 35 and 36, and has also won the newly demarcated Ward 110 in the north of Durban, reports Northglen News.

Although the results have not been made official yet on the Independent Electoral Committee’s (IEC) website, party agents have confirmed the results.

uMhlanga’s Ward 35 councillor, Heinz de Boer, said he was extremely pleased with the result but added there was still a lot of work to be completed.

“I never expect to win my ward because it’s a contest dependent on the voters. I’m extremely pleased with the results, not just for my ward, for other wards we’ve never held before. The figures are still rough but we had 9 600 votes for the party in my ward and we won five out of six voting stations,” De Boer said.

Durban North Ward 36 councillor, Shaun Ryley, said the win reflected the people’s call for change.

“I’m very pleased with the voter turnout in my ward, the figures reiterate the confidence and trust the people have in me. It’s encouraging to see other wards voting for change,” Ryley said.

Newly appointed Ward 34 councillor, Bobby Maharajh, said he was pleased with the results.

“I don’t think it’s hit me right now but it’s all about the community and the team behind me. My ward hit the front pages of the newspapers recently with violent protests but now that the elections are over, I’m hoping to work with the people to find a way forward,” he said.

Pete Graham, who is now the councillor for the newly formed ward 110, said he was humbled by the win. Graham’s ward includes Sunningdale, Mt Moriah and Glenhills.

“It’s such a humbling experience. It only hit home after I helped an 88-year-old resident at the Rinaldo Road voting station, she thanked me for helping her and keeping the elderly in mind and that message made me realise my role within the community. I’m tremendously excited to fulfill my new role as elected councillor,” Graham said.

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