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Domestic worker stabbed in the neck

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

A robber took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the domestic worker in the neck.

A domestic worker was stabbed in the neck during a home invasion in Westville, Durban, on Tuesday afternoon, Highway Mail reports.

Blue Security’s operations manager, Brian Jackson, said the robber forced open a bedroom window’s burglar bars to gain entry into the Morewood Crescent home at about 4.15pm.

“The robber took a knife from the kitchen and assaulted the domestic worker, stabbing her in the neck. He then took her through the house, demanding valuables, before locking her in a bedroom and fleeing with two laptops,” he said.

The domestic worker’s employer took her to a nearby hospital. The Westville SAPS attended to the scene of the crime.

Jackson said there had been a worrying spike in armed robberies across the city in recent weeks.

“It’s also important to regularly remind domestic staff to be security conscious. Make sure that domestic workers have a remote panic button and that they also know where the fixed panic buttons are in the home. If an intruder is detected on the property and your alarm is activated, advise them to run and lock themselves in a safe room from where they can call the police and your security company for help,” he said.

A domestic worker was murdered after trying to save an elderly woman during an argument with neighbours in Paradise, Newcastle, in KwaZulu-Natal, last month.

According to Mark Jacobs, founder of Two Eagles Security, a quarrel ensued between neighbours which led to a man entering the yard to attack an elderly woman.

“The domestic worker was trying to protect the old woman,” said Jacobs.

It is believed the man then slit the domestic workers’ throat, before fleeing.

Paramedics on the scene said the domestic worker had bled profusely and there were no signs of life.

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