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‘Casual Fridays’ YouTube series focuses on disabilities

Jonathan ‘TuJay Harmonix’ Groenewald.

Jonathan ‘TuJay Harmonix’ Groenewald.

Casual Day ambassador and performing artist Jonathan ‘TuJay Harmonix’ Groenewald hosts ‘Casual Fridays’, a weekly YouTube series focusing on people with disabilities.

Casual Day ambassador and performing artist Jonathan “TuJay Harmonix” Groenewald is the host of Casual Fridays, a social series on YouTube which highlights the concerns, but also celebrating the lives of persons with disabilities in South Africa, Fourways Review reports.

Groenewald was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at two years old, and at that time the doctors only gave him until the age of four to live.

However, he is now a successful 30-year-old rap artist who says that his mission in life is to give a voice to those who are ignored.

“Hosting the series has given me a platform to support other persons with disabilities, educate the public on the different forms of disabilities and further inspire others to keep doing what they love most,” said Groenewald.

One of the guests on the show was Erik Holms, a South African actor and newsreader best known for his reccurring role as Rian Malherbe in the soap opera Binnelanders.

Holms became disabled in a freak accident when he dived into a dam and broke his spine.

“To me what is important is to be honoured for your skills, your work and not merely for your existence,” said Holms in an interview with Groenewald.

“I believe we are slowly moving toward this; it is a call to action to disabled people to put themselves out there.”

The series will run every Friday leading up to Casual Day on 2 September.

On Casual Day, people can donate R10 to buy a Casual Day sticker so that they may wear fun outfits during the day to raise money for, and create awareness of people with disabilities in South Africa.

– Caxton News Service.


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