National 4.8.2016 03:00 pm

DA loses outright majority in the Bay

The DA is hanging on to a narrow lead in Tshwane in Johannesburg, and with 79% of the vote counted in Nelson Mandela Bay, will hope for a strong finish.

UPDATE: With 79% of the vote counted, the DA for the first time slipped below the critical 51% mark. It will be hoping to recover lost ground in the remaining 21% of ballots still to be counted.

In the Tshwane metro the race was also increasingly tight, with the ANC making up more ground, and the EFF also gaining:

DA: 43.68%
ANC: 42.22%
EFF: 10.19%

City of Johannesburg also saw a DA lead, but with more than half of the vote still to be tallied:

DA: 43.18%
ANC: 40.95%
EFF: 9.78%



At 1.15pm, the IEC said it had counted more than 58% of the vote and the picture in a number of highly contested metros was becoming clearer.

The ANC was leading in the province of Gauteng as a whole.

In Tshwane, with only 44% of the vote counted, the DA’s lead had dropped from 46% to 44.5% with the ANC increasing to 41.71%.

Picture: IEC

Picture: IEC

In Johannesburg the DA was leading with nearly 45% earlier in the day, but that had come down to 43.32%. Less than 30% of the vote was counted.


The DA had already retained the highly contested Midvaal municipality by nearly 60%.

Picture: IEC website

Picture: IEC website

In Ekurhuleni, the ANC was still leading, with 43% of the vote counted.

Picture: IEC

Picture: IEC

The other highly contested metro, Nelson Mandela Bay, has been going the way of the DA, with 66% of the vote counted. The DA may be feeling it’s time to start celebrating.

Picture: IEC website

Picture: IEC website


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