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Innovator develops monitor to save babies

Innovator Kutollo Makgatho (24).

Innovator Kutollo Makgatho (24).

Following episodes in which three of her friends lost their babies, the innovator developed a handy solution.

Parenting will be easier once innovator Kutollo Makgatho, 24, has launched her monitor to assist parents spotting quickly when something is wrong with their baby, Centurion Records reports.

The parent gets a bracelet to wear, and the baby, an anklet. The anklet takes the baby’s temperature, pulse and any sound the baby may make, sending regular signals to the bracelet.

Makgatho explained: “If the baby’s temperature goes higher or lower than the normal parameters, or the pulse dips, the mother’s bracelet will vibrate to alert her.”

The Mamelodi-based innovator said she came up with her miracle invention to help parents “who are always in panic mode”.

“Parents are the most sharp-eyed people you will find on planet Earth,” said Makgatho.

She said starting a business, Fema Tech Innovations, which produces the gadgets, was not easy because she had to juggle work, taking care of her child and her private endeavors.

“The product is a solution to the problems my friends told me they were experiencing as young mothers,” said Makgatho, referring to episodes where three of her friends’ babies had died in their sleep.

Makgatho said her first monitor was originally an earpiece, but feedback from a market sampling exercise indicated it had to be changed to a wristband, as one could only sleep on their one side when earpiece was plugged.

The waterproof, light-weight device ensured Makgatho an invitation to address an innovators’ event hosted by The Innovation Hub recently. Manager of Velisa Africa Academy business development Lazola Belle praised Makgatho for the innovation.

“It will work exceptionally well for people like me who cannot be on the lookout every second while the child is sleeping, the device is hands-free and convenient. It lets you know what is happening with your baby while you are busy in another room,” Belle said.

The Limpopo-born Makgatho graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in IT in 2013.

The product is still in the prototype stage.

Fema Tech Innovations

Fema Tech Innovations

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