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EFF ‘intimidates’ Pretoria photographer

Stock election image: Gallo Images

Stock election image: Gallo Images

Three men approached the lensman, yelling at him, using vulgar language and ordering him to delete pictures he had taken.

Three men in Economic Freedom Fighters regalia aggressively ordered a Pretoria News photographer to delete pictures he had taken of them singing and chanting at a voting station in zone 5 of GaRankuwa township, north of Pretoria.

The three were part of a crowd of EFF members who had arrived at an Independent Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) voting station at the HL Setlalentoa High School in GaRankuwa, singing and chanting loudly. A woman came out of the voting station and requested the group to leave, and not to disrupt voting proceedings.

The Pretoria News photographer, Oupa Mokoena, started taking photographs of the EFF supporters. The three then approached Mokoena, yelling at him, using vulgar language and ordering him to delete the pictures he had taken.

Some members of the EFF crowd, including several young women, kept singing and dancing outside the voting station.

When the EFF crowd finally moved on, some members of the ANC in a white Toyota Quantum also arrived at the scene, playing anti-apartheid struggle songs loudly.

On Wednesday afternoon, GaRankuwa residents were steadily flowing to the voting station to make their mark before voting closed at 7pm.

One voter, Maria Shuping, 38, a nurse, said she was trying to cast her ballot before rushing to working for an evening shift.

“I want to vote because it is important that we all vote. We are the voices of this country and we need to be heard,” she said.

Shuping said she hoped that the incoming administration in Tshwane would bring change and improvement in the health care system in the township areas.

– African News Agency (ANA)


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