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‘I wear the old SA flag for white people’

Picture: ANA

Picture: ANA

A commotion broke out at a polling station in Nelson Mandela Bay when a man wearing a jacket with the symbol of an old SA flag accused the DA of canvassing.

Craig Roman became visibly agitated and was seen shouting at DA mayoral candidate Athol Trollip for being present at the St Martins De Porres Catholic Church in Gelvan Park. He then got angry and lashed out at a photographer for taking pictures of him inside the venue.

Trollip was accompanying DA Leader Mmusi Maimane during an oversight visit on Wednesday.

DA head of campaign communications Kristoff Adelbert said that all protocol had been followed and that party leaders were granted permission from the IEC to observe the election process inside the venue.

ANC councillor candidate for Ward 10 Nelly Van Oosthuizen said she was angry.

“I don’t want Mmusi Maimane at my polling station, they are not supposed to be inside. I think they are busy canvassing; he is not allowed inside the voting station, according to my knowledge,” said Oosthuizen.

She further went on to say that Maimane was not allowed to observe inside the venue and that she was going to call the ANC mayor, Danny Jordaan.

According to the Municipal Electoral Act 27 of 2000, MPLC members are allowed to observe elections, however, Oosthuizen was not aware of the rule and was later informed by a colleague that the DA did not overstep any boundary in terms of the Electoral Act.

Things later became more uncertain when the deputy presiding officer was overheard making phone calls to clarify whether or not pictures could be taken inside the venue and, in addition, whether or not people wearing T-shirts with political statements could enter the premises.

Roman later spoke to reporters and also argued that the DA were not allowed to chat to people and shake hands with people, saying he viewed it as a form of canvassing.

“That’s the rules; don’t you live by rules?” he asked reporters.

He explained that he wore both the old and new South African flag because both flags represented his heritage.

“There is a missing flag too – the coloured people are not included, but this flag is for the whites (old flag) and this flag is for the blacks (new flag),” he said.

Roman said the third missing flag on his jacket would represent coloured people.

– African News Agency (ANA)


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