National 3.8.2016 01:49 pm

Malema says ‘unethical’ ANC is running scared

Picture: Nigel Sibanda

Picture: Nigel Sibanda

EFF leader Julius Malema has accused the ANC of continuing to dish out T-shirts on an election day.

“It is unethical,” Malema said today. “All of us were done at midnight. That is the person who says Asinavalo (we are not scared).

“How did you say you are not scared when you are issuing T-shirts on an election day?

“You are scared and you are a coward.”

Malema said those who had done their work were relaxed now.

“We are walking around voting stations with our grannies and our wives,” Malema said. “We are not panicking. “We know that we have done our work. “We are not political rascals.”

Malema cast his vote in his hometown of Seshego in Limpopo shortly before 12.30pm. He came with his wife, Mantwa Matlala, and his grandmother Sarah Malema to cast his vote at Mponegele Primary School.

Speaking to journalists after casting his vote, Malema said he was happy with how the elections were going so far.

“Our people have been responding positively,” Malema said. “They came out in their numbers. “It is a highly contested election that has attracted the international community.

“We are hopeful that our people will understand that this might be much better than 1994. Their coming out in their numbers is very important.”

However, Malema expressed concern about how the voting booth he had used was positioned. “It gave an opportunity for people to stand behind the voter,” he said. “That compromises the secrecy of that ballot.

“I am going to be raising it with our party agent to raise it with the Independent Electoral Commission. “Ordinarily when you vote, no one must stand behind you.”

Asked by The Citizen how he thought the EFF would perform in the election, Malema said: “The EFF will perform very well. This is the first election for the EFF in the local government. So even if they get one seat, they have done very well. From zero to one is a good achievement.

“That is the beauty about the EFF in the whole election. We have put up a good a fight. It ends here. It is now in the hands of South Africans.”

He said he was happy that the election day had come. “I am happy the election came, and now we must release South Africans to go work for their country. They have been divided along [the lines of] political allegiances.”

Despite a large number of senior citizens seen at the voting station, Malema remained confident that young people would come out in large numbers to vote. “They like things that are done very late,” he said. “They take their time … they will come out.

“They did the same during the registration. “Young people in South Africa are not apathetic. The EFF has mobilised them. We have no doubt that they will come out in their numbers.”

Malema said he brought his family as a sign of seriousness.

“It means that all of us must go out with our families,” Malema said. “Don’t go alone.

“You know when something is important, you take out your family. It is useless to go alone and then claim you take this thing seriously.”



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