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Seven things to do in the voting queue

Picture: Michel Bega

Picture: Michel Bega

When your patience grows thin or you feel like you are losing your mind, here are a few ideas to help you keep busy in the voting line.

Over 26 million voters nationwide are expected to head to the voting stations to cast their vote, the Randburg Sun reports.

Many say this election is one of the most contested since 1994, and the IEC recorded a record number of contesting parties, special vote applications and record voters eligible to vote.

There was a 3.7% increase of voters from the national and provincial elections in 2014.

So as you find yourself between Jack and Joan in the long queue outside your voting station, here are seven ideas to help you keep yourself busy:

– Now that you have a minute or two to kill, you can finally catch up on some funny videos you have not managed to watch lately.

– Greet your neighbour. You might just be standing next to a future business partner or best friend. Strike up a conversation or even show him or her one of those funny clips.

– It has been a busy few weeks of campaigning for especially the DA, ANC and EFF. Now might be a good time to catch up on some of their goings-on if you missed it. This will help you to know what each party has been up to and if you choose to support it or not.

– If you don’t feel like reading, get past that grueling level on your favourite game.

– Pack a book, newspaper, pamphlet or, if you are definitely not up for reading, an audio book.

– And remember, no selfies of your ballot paper, but you can take as many as you like outside of the voting station. Share it on twitter with #ivoted. Make sure to mention @randburg_sun/@roodepoortnorth/@newsNMT.

– Finally, bring along a notepad and pen or pencil to jot down any ideas you have while in the queue (as queueing allows you to think in peace), work on that short story or list that overdue to-do list.

Finally, to make the wait easier, bring along these items:

– A blanket,

– A fold-up chair

– A backpack with snacks and water

– A power bank to charge your cellphone

– Earphones

– Patience

– Caxton News Service


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